Should I Hire a Nonprofit Consultant?

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One of the major challenges many potential clients initially face is determining whether to hire a nonprofit consultant to help them start-up a nonprofit.  Typically, lawyers and accountants assist in forming nonprofits because they are legal business entities.   I have held numerous consultations with potential clients who found themselves overwhelmed with the process or discouraged by professional advice.  Alternatively, the Internet offers endless access to information; however, this overabundance of information can create a number of problems.

Starting a nonprofit is not a “DIY’ endeavor.  There are many decisions that need to be made during the formation process that will impact whether the nonprofit can serve communities over time.  The major responsibilities of a nonprofit consultant are to provide support, advice, and guidance.  Here are 3 reasons to hire a nonprofit consultant with experience in nonprofit start-up or formation.

  1. Secure the technical knowledge needed to correctly complete and submit required documents. Making mistakes in completing required documents results in loss of time and money.  You will save both by hiring an experienced nonprofit consultant to assist you in properly completing forms and responding to requests from government entities.
  2. Understand and implement “best practices” in the nonprofit world.  Best practices are professional procedures that are accepted or prescribed as being correct or most effective.  “Transparency” and “accountability” are two extremely important requirements due to the public nature of the services nonprofits provide.  An effective nonprofit must have best practices in place to serve communities effectively and maintain the public’s trust.
  3. Share the load.  Nonprofits are designed to require more than one person to run them.  Many founders find it extremely difficult to both manage and provide services on behalf of the nonprofit.  Having a seasoned nonprofit consultant on your team brings a wealth of experience to the table.  Nonprofit consultants are often able to assist throughout the life stages of the nonprofit.

STC Consulting, LLC offers a variety of services that meet our clients’ needs. Our menu of services includes:

Initial Consultation: We meet potential clients in person or electronically to ascertain their goals in starting a nonprofit.  Potential clients complete a New Start-Up Formation Questionnaire as part of the initial consultation.

Start-up Nonprofit Formation:  Packages of services are available to assist the client in forming a nonprofit on the state, local and national levels.  Specifically, services include developing a timeline, completion & submission of required documents, and establishing the Board of Directors.

Nonprofit Governance:  We assist the Board of Directors in steering the nonprofit towards a sustainable future. We assess the Board’s ability to adopt sound, ethical, and legal governance and financial management policies.  We establish best practices that ensure the nonprofit organization has adequate resources to advance its mission.

Board Development & Training:  We provide formation services that help identify and select the initial Board of Directors.  Our team also facilitates activities, trainings, and Retreats that improve the Board of Directors’ effectiveness in carrying out their administrative and financial responsibilities.

Leadership:  We train nonprofit organization leaders in “ethical leadership” as an important way to maintain the public’s trust.  Our goal is to help nonprofit leaders demonstrate their commitment to values such as accountability, compassion, honesty, service to others, transparency, and respect in the nonprofit’s operations.

 Program Development:  We specialize in designing programs that are connected to the nonprofit’s mission.  We identify and/or design needs-based, fundable models for serving the community, strategic plans and evaluations.

Consulting:  We develop positive solutions to organizational challenges.  We use our technical expertise to research information, data and reports.  Additionally, our online BLOG provides resource information on topics relevant to nonprofit organization leaders.

Contact us today at (336) 252-4891 and let us help you bring the vision for your nonprofit to life!